MádiLáncos Studio won the interior design tender of Arena Corner

MádiLáncos Studio won the interior design tender of  Arena Corner

The first major reconstruction project of Arena Corner, which is the iconic real estate complex of the Hungarian office market, was completed in 2018 to ensure its competitiveness by reflecting the latest workplace trends. In the office complex, owned by CPI Hungary, with excellent public transport connections, the reconstruction project will continue with the second phase this year. The MádiLáncos Studio won the internal design tender for constructing and updating nearly 1,000 sqm community and service spaces. After the completion of the construction plans, the works will be completed in the second half of 2021.

The 29,000 sqm Arena Corner, which is made up of three office towers and was built in 2006, has been the dominant building complex in the Hungarian office market since its handover and is highly popular among international tenants. The success of this office complex, which has been a full house for the last 10 years, is due to the prestige of renting offices for businesses in this iconic office building. There is also an excellent opportunity in each tower to create large open space workplaces, business centres for large tenants, and the office building is located in an excellent location, in the sports and commercial centre of the capital, which can be accessed by car and public transport, including metro.

The owner, CPI Hungary, decided a few years ago to renovate the common areas of the building complex in light of the latest office trends. In 2018, the main building lobby was renovated in the first phase of the comprehensive work, and as a result, a clear, spacious and comfortable internal community space is now available for tenants and guests. The common areas are fitted perfectly with the flexible convertible premises of the Arena Corner. The engineering system of the building was also refurbished, and measures to ensure a safe working environment were also introduced last year.

This year, the reconstruction program will deal with the second phase, under which the CPI will emphasis on the aesthetic and functional renovation of nearly 1,000 sqm community spaces. In the main building, the alterations affect the restaurant, coffee bar and kitchen, which will provide even better quality services to tenants as a new community site.

In addition, in the wing towards Kerepesi Road, the reception and the elevators area will be renovated due to the alteration from the former headquarter use to a multi-tenant system, which will be actively used by new tenants. The alteration of the lobby matches the general design of the office building. Furthermore, the spaces of the Human Innovation Program will be in this building and the internal gardening connection for tenants will be available from here. Renewable, spacious spaces also support the latest flexible working trends, as they provide an excellent place to spend breaks and informal discussions.

The Mádiláncos Studio won the internal reconstruction tender, and after the completion of the full concept and the construction plans, the work will begin, which is expected to be completed by the beginning of September. The winning company is a major player in the Hungarian real estate market, and it won numerous Office of the Year awards. The MádiLáncos Studio has significant experience in designing the premises and community spaces of office buildings, so it is certain that the second phase of the reconstruction in the Arena Corner will also enrich the office building with spectacular and world-class community locations.