Hip Office Buildings by CPI - Well-being in Offices, In-house Services

Hip Office Buildings by CPI - Well-being in Offices, In-house Services

Five years ago, CPI Hungary, realized that creating a human-centered working environment and maximizing well-being at the workplace plays an essential role.

In order to facilitate all this, the Human Innovation Program was developed by the company and has been implemented in its innovative office buildings in Budapest.

“It’s not enough anymore that an office park has a good location only; we truly believe in human – and experience oriented, environmentally friendly buildings. The question was how to develop our vision?,” says Bea Déri, PR and marketing director.

The aim of CPI’s HIP concept is to make services that facilitate every day office life available to the tenants of an office complex. The various elements of the service package help tenants to preserve their well-being, take care of their day-to-day needs and brighten up the usual office routine: Program tickets, dry cleaning, shoe repair, fitness and beauty services; even farmers’ markets and food trucks are offered in the office parks periodically.

Tenants may participate in community activities, coaching days, gymnastics classes and recreational programs and may even refresh themselves with a soothing massage. To enjoy all of these programs CPI developed “HIP zones” in its office buildings, where people can use relaxing and training rooms; outside recreational areas can also be found.

“We spend a lot of time in our work places, therefore it is essential to have possibilities and space to recharge ourselves,” adds Déri.

Community managers are present in the office building to look after the various programs and communications with tenants. The list of services is constantly expanding and being updated according to clients’ requirements. Furthermore, CPI also launched an app this year, to ensure the community building on an online platform too.