This is how Campona accommodates to the new consumer needs: Biology lesson livestreamed from Tropicarium!

This is how Campona accommodates to the new consumer needs:  Biology lesson livestreamed from Tropicarium!

The coronavirus pandemic generated considerable changes in many areas of life. Education, entertainment and our shopping behaviours all had to adapt. This new era largely affected Campona’s operation as well. However, the mall decided to meet the new consumer expectations through a unique online content form and created the country’s first interactive, live biology lesson that was streamed from Tropicarium to Facebook. The video showcasing sea life remains available to anyone.

The pandemic forced people to move their daily life online.Suddenly we switched to online education, online shopping and our already big hunger for online content further
increased. Meanwhile, the malls functioning as community spaces have lost their primary goals. Reacting to the changed environment, Campona created a format that is able to provide quality content for all kinds of audiences: the teachers and students struggling with online education, the families who have been staying inside for weeks
and anyone who keeps searching for new content all the time.We gave them the interactive biology lesson, livestreamed on Facebook from Tropicarium. “We are in contact with many local schools and we had a chance to rely on their input regarding the struggles teachers face when trying to provide exciting lessons through online education. This is how the idea of the interactive biology lesson was born: Tropicarium with it’s sea life provides a unique opportunity to educate, that we wanted to offer as help to
teachers, students and families as well” - summarised the goals of the activity Kinga Voith, marketing director of Campona.The first interactive biology lesson showcased the life of marine species. Thanks to the livestream, Andrea Joós experience-biology teacher and Vivien Farkas, a Tropicarium caretaker were able to react to the incoming questions real-time, so the topics of the video could dynamically change, according the viewers’ interest. If you missed the livestream, the whole video can be watched
on the below link: