Go Green Day - Green community with CPI Hungary and tenants

Go Green Day - Green community with CPI Hungary and tenants

CPI organised tenant days, called Go Green Day, to continue building community in office buildings by meeting in person after the pandemic and to encourage tenants to work in partnership with the company to make a greater effort to operate sustainably. In addition to the many programmes, office workers created a My Green List of their commitments to a greener everyday life.

CPI Property Group has made significant commitments for sustainable development, including a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030, a 100% use of green energy from 2024 and a 10% reduction in water use by 2030. In addition, from 2022 CPI Hungary will supply the electricity needed to run its property portfolio exclusively from renewable sources. Moreover in Hungary, the first green corporate bond was also issued by CPI PG.

The company also offers partnerships to its office workers in order to achieve its ambitious goals, as landlords and tenants can only work together to reduce the ecological footprint of their workplaces and build a greener future through a new approach to sustainability.

To this end, CPI organised CPI Go Green Day in its domestic office buildings in October, where, after a difficult period of the pandemic, landlords and tenants met again in person to further develop the office community, raised awareness of the importance of an environmentally conscious and healthy lifestyle through various leisure activities, and shared the company's sustainability commitments with its partners.

Through collective responsibility and awareness-raising, CPI can reach thousands of tenants and employees, including by encouraging workers to take measures such as plastic-free, selective waste collection, or even rationalising water and energy consumption. As part of CPI Go Green Day, tenants created a My Green List of commitments and pledges that will enable them to work together for a more environmentally conscious everyday life.

"The fundamental values of the company include credibility, transparency, the introduction and awareness-raising of genuine green solutions among tenants, since while responding to current global challenges, we are focusing even more on the environmentally-conscious operation and tenant education." - says Bea Déri, Director of PR, Marketing and Design at CPI Hungary.