Can you imagine working in an office building that makes the life easier for tenants and on top of that it also responds to environmental changes?

The question is whether we, as property developers, respond to tenant requirements, or we create new requirements by developing new offices and exploiting the possibilities that new technologies offer.

In 2015, CPI Hungary started its scheme of three phases, the refurbishment of Balance Office Park in Váci Corridor. We aim to create a human-oriented environment which is an integral part of our high quality services provided to our tenants. The first phase was finished by handing over the Balance Building where screening, preventive healthcare and recreational services are provided to the workers by the introduction of the Human Innovation Program. The Balance Loft brand was established in the second phase, where the services were extended by a café, restaurant and a conference hall, and furthermore, external ‘meeting pavilions’ with Wi-Fi and bicycle parking racks make the life of the workers easier. Balance Hall is the latest, third dimension office building of the Park, and due to its sensitive structure and installed smart systems it operates as an ecological organisation.