Books wanted for Hungary’s first ‘honesty’ library - Helen’s library

Books wanted for  Hungary’s first ‘honesty’ library -   Helen’s library

An unusual and new kind of place for Hungary will open at Campona shopping center in December. The center is customising a dedicated unit on the 1st floor as an ‘honesty’ library for visitors to use as a peaceful reading area but also a community space. 

The idea - intoduced by the owner of the mall, CPI Property Group - of an ‘honesty library’ is a first for a shopping center in Hungary. Although libraries can now be found in other shopping malls in Europe, Campona will be the first to have any kind of dedicated reading space.  The ‘honesty library’ concept means that people can drop off their unwanted books in return for taking another for free. The library will be open for everyone during the day and the books on the shelves can be read by anyone.

In a drive to collect books for the launch of the library, Campona is asking the help of its visitors.  Four visible collection points have been installed around the center with baskets where people can leave their unwanted books. 

By creating the 100 sqm reading area, the center aims to promote the importance of reading as a leisure and lifestyle activity in a world where people’s lifestyles are hectic and demanding. Campona would also like to encourage young people to spend “screen free” time in the company of books. 

Helen’s Library is part of series of initiatives the management of Campona are introducing to provide Budafok-Tétény with a new community space that can be used freely by every book-loving person. 

Among plans for the library is introduction of “Young and Old” meetings in December and January for elderly and children to spend time together various activities around books.  The library also plans to start a book club with meetings for readers to share their favourite books. 

Helen’s Library will also support chosen charities, one of them is Budafok-Tétény Family and Child Welfare Center, with the possibility for visitors to make a donation in return for taking a book.

“We want to encourage the love of reading and literacy in an age where people, especially young, spend a lot of time on screens.  It is part of a new programme of activity Campona will be launching over the coming year to support its local community and to offer more places to spend time doing different activities. It is a direction Campona is going with a bigger change.” – says Éva Nagy, Director of Campona Shopping Center. 

Another initiative to surprise visitors is the installation of an elegant grand piano free for everyone to play. From last week shoppers have been enjoying making their own music and listening to others play on the piano on the first floor.  Some of the great performances have been getting lots of likes on Campona’s Facebook page. 

Renata Kodadova, Head of Retail Assets Management in Hungary: “Our aim for Campona over the next four years is to turn it into Hungary’s first real lifestyle center. The introduction of initiatives such as the piano and Helen’s library provide more leisure and lifestyle activities.  We want Campona to be a place not only to shop but to spend quality time doing the things that make us happy.”

CPI Property Group will embark on a significant extension and development at Campona over the coming four years, but throughout this period will be introducing more leisure, lifestyle and community experiences and initiatives for people to enjoy now. Helen's library will be opened by a famous Hungarian writer on December 5 at 17.00 hrs. We will tell you who he is soon, but in the meantime we kindly ask you to help us fill up the empty shelves and bring in your unwanted books.